Free Secret & Herbal Essences

imageI just received my free Secret Outlast gel deodorant from Crowdtap, as well as my Herbal Essences argan oil shampoo and conditioner from BzzAgent. I just used them for the first time, and so far so good. The hair care smells amazing. Can’t wait to put them to the test and leave my reviews.


Sephora Play November

image.jpegSephora Play is a $10 a month subscription box. It comes with 5 makeup, skincare, or haircare samples and a perfume sample. As well as a pass for 50 bonus points with purchase.

This month’s box had a GlamGlow mask, Cover FX primer, Caudalie moisturizer, Sephora lip gloss, Laura Mercier eye crayon, and a Stella McCartney perfume.

This was one of my favorite boxes for sure. There are a few different versions of each monthly box and a waiting list, so sign up today and reserve your spot.

I’m a BzzAgent now… And free mascara

imageI got my official BzzAgent welcome package, which includes this nifty magnet I can use to hold all the coupons they’ll send me. If you don’t know, BzzAgent is another site that will send you free items in exchange for an honest review and posting on social media. I’d seen so many people talk about it, so I finally decided to sign up. I’m so glad I did. I’ve already received 2 awesome campaign invitations.

I also received this free sample of Bobbi Brown mascara. I believe I signed up for this from a link posted on FreebieShark, which is a Facebook page that lets you know any free samples or coupons that are available.

My PinchMe samples

I logged onto PinchMe today at 12 EST since it’s Sample Tuesday. And I was able to claim these five samples. There were some awesome Covergirl products, but unfortunately I wasn’t eligible for those.

I’m still super happy with what I got. And once they arrive in a few weeks, I’ll be ready to try them out and leave my reviews.

What is Shopkick?

Shopkick is one of the easiest apps to get money back when you shop. You receive kicks from Shopkick that you can redeem for gift cards to a bunch of stores. I always choose Target since I’m there so often, but they have several to choose from. You can receive kicks a number of ways such as

Simply opening the app when you walk into a store

Scanning barcodes on certain items in the store

Purchasing certain items

Making purchases with your linked credit card

It’s so easy to use. I just redeemed $20 in gift cards to help buy my kids Christmas presents. Get $2 by using this link to sign up

A good day for freebies


I was super excited to get both my PinchMe and SampleSource boxes in the mail today.

PinchMe is a website that sends out samples each month on Sample Tuesday. You log into your account on the assigned day at 12EST and pick from the samples available to you. They mail them and you have a few weeks to test them out, then do a mandatory survey on the products. The samples are based on your member profile so the amount of samples you receive will vary. I had 3 this time.

SampleSource is a similar site, but their samples are seasonal. When you sign up, they will send out emails letting you know when to claim your samples. You can see I had several samples available this time. They’ll also email you with a link to the surveys after a few weeks.

These are some of the best and easiest sites to try out new items for free.

My November Ipsy preview


Ipsy is a $10 monthly beauty subscription service.

Just got a peek at all the items in this month’s Ipsy glam bag. I’m pretty excited for this one. The bag is super cute. They’ve been stepping up on their makeup bag designs lately. The blush looks nice, although I don’t really need a new one to be honest. I’m most excited about the Luxie brush. I’ve been wanting more face brushes. The hair oil is ok. I have several, but I always use them. The Better Than Sex mascara is a favorite of mine, so that’s a good item. The nail polish base isn’t super exciting, but I don’t have anything like it so that’s ok.

Overall, this looks like a pretty good month for me. What did you get in your Ipsy bag?

If you’re interested in Ipsy, use this link and sign up today. Click here to sign up

November Target beauty box

imageIf you don’t know, Target has a monthly beauty box. It ranges between $5-$10 and typically goes on sale the first Monday of the month. The sale day does vary sometimes though. These are a hot commodity and typically sell out the same day. What’s cool about this box if you can preview what’s in it to decide if you want to purchase it or not.

This month’s box was $10 and contains

one Laneige gel mask

Loreal volume filler shampoo

Andalou day cream

Hask keratin deep conditioner

W3ll people brightener cream

Loreal mascara primer

Revlon eyeliner



What is CrowdTap?

imageCrowdTap is an online community with several different brands. You can join a community for each brand and complete missions such as surveys or sharing articles to earn points towards Amazon gift cards.

You can also apply for sample missions, where they send you free products that you can test out and review. They’ll have a list of actions such as text missions or photo missions to complete as well as a final survey. I’ve received hair care, skin care, food, and medications from them. It’s an awesome site that you should check out if you want free stuff sent to you.

I’m currently testing out Advil Menstrual Pain relief. It’s a pain killer specifically designed to help out with pain and discomfort when you’re on your period. I’m sure any woman can appreciate that.